Tundra Power

Welcome to the world of Moonrocks! The crunchy Tundra Power Moonrocks offer 60% CBD. To achieve this high value, cannabis flowers are first dipped in CBD wax and then coated with crystals.

What are CBD Moonrocks?

Sensi Weeds Moonrocks are the strongest CBD buds you can order online and are carefully handmade in three steps.

In the first step, our organically grown CBD flowers are dried to perfection. Then, they are coated with high-quality CBD wax and finally wrapped in the finest CBD crystals.

The result is the highly praised Moon Rocks, cosmic nuggets that are extra potent, hard, and sticky.

  • This is how you can enjoy your CBD Moon Rocks to the fullest:
    Moon Rocks should never end up in your grinder, or you will shout very soon "Houston, we have a problem!". For best results, use your fingers or scissors.
  • The refined Moonrocks prefer to mix with untreated CBD buds. The perfect combination is achieved with our Sensi Weeds Premium Flowers.
  • The last step needs no further explanation. Skyrocket your experience with a bong, pipe or bubbler. Of course, you can also roll a joint.

Cultivation method:

Artificial light

Product Type:

CBD Extracts

CBD content:

approx. 60 %

CBG Content:

< 1 %

THC Content:

< 0,2 %

Hemp raw material from 100 % organic EU hemp.
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